Can I still deduct a 2018 Arizona Tax Credit on my Federal Return?

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In 2017, a donation that qualified for an Arizona Tax Credit was 100% refundable on your Arizona Tax Return and qualified as a Federal Tax Deduction on Schedule A of your Federal 1040. Unfortunately, only tax donations made before August 27, 2018 will qualify as both a Federal Deduction and Arizona Tax Credit. After August 27, 2018 you have the choice of one or the other.

Should I use the Arizona Tax Credit or the Federal Deduction after August 27, 2018?  Since the Arizona Tax Credit is a credit that refunds 100% of the deduction and the federal deduction is only a deduction from income, always choose the AZ Tax Credit. 

Example, you make a $400 donation that qualifies for an AZ tax credit.  You will save $400 of tax on your AZ individual tax return.  If you choose to take the deduction on your federal tax return and you are in the 18% tax bracket, your tax savings would only be $400 x .18 = $72.00.  So you saved $328.00 in tax dollars by choosing to take the AZ Tax Credit over the Federal Tax Deduction

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Tim Walch, CPA